The Moms In Business Banner Exchange Rules

To maintain a successful banner exchange, there are several rules which must be followed:
  • The only banner size currently accepted in our exchange is 125 pixels by 125 pixels.
  • Only mom owned, family friendly websites are accepted into this exchange.
  • Sorry, get rich schemes/scams are not accepted.
  • For each site that you add to our exchange, you must add the html code supplied to the your homepage or a page not more than ONE click from your homepage (the exception being Advertiser members).
  • The html code supplied must not be altered in any manner.
  • Each user may add up to five different banners.
  • Please, do not add duplicate banners. Duplicate banners will be deleted without notice.
  • The exchange banner may not appear more than 2 times on any given page.
  • Members may not place the html exchange code in any scrolling marqee or other form of rotator.
  • Inactive members are removed from our exchange every 30 days.
  • By joining this exchange, you agree to hold, the Moms in Business Exchange, and any affiliated partners harmless for any damage occurring from this exchange.
  • Any attempts to cheat our banner system are fruitless. We have an aniti-cheat system built in, and suspected cheaters will be banned immediately.
  • reserves the right to change these rules at any time, without notice.
  • has the final say in any matter relating to this exchange.

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